Wednesday, July 20, 2011

makes bunnies

I am so taken with this photo, by the talented Sonja Ahlers, sourced from her lovely blog. Sonja is well-known for her beautiful cashmere bunnies, each hand stitched with careful, precise, perfection. Her work sets a real standard. This photo captures her earlier prototype bunnies. I love photos like this, that illustrate how an artist's work develops and grows over time. I find it so comforting. When it comes to art, I think we tend to dismiss the practice makes perfect motto. Art galleries celebrate the end result, the "Artwork" - capital A. But it's often an artist's sketchbook that holds the real gems - the seeds of an idea, that germinate over time, and grow. Alright, perhaps I am taking this gardening metaphor too far ...

The secret, of course, is that it's really the work that is important, not the end result. (Put another way - the journey, not the destination!) Diligence, discipline, discovery: work leads to things! Like these, the most perfectly-perfect bunnies. (sigh) You are an inspiration, Sonja Ahlers! and my latest blog crush. Follow Sonja's blog, here.

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