Thursday, July 7, 2011

Golly Garden

One of very best things about our new home is the garden. We have a front yard (rosebush, porch!) and a back plot (wildflowers, shed!). In the back yard we've kept a vegetable patch. We're patiently watching the first signs of our tomato blooms (roma, cherry, heritage!). Sidenote: rhubarb and zucchini are firmly rooted and growing well! In the meantime, I'm thrilled to share our first harvest. Check out these gorgeous garlic (garlics?). Should we confess these bulbs just kind of sprouted? Like a gift from the universe; a good omen, we hope, for bounty to come!


  1. Your garden and garlic are looks like you are enjoying digging in your own dirt!

  2. Hi Roseanna! Indeed - a little gardening is so good for the soul! This Toronto heatwave is really helping our tomatoes and zucchini along. There are buds everywhere. This past weekend, we enjoyed kale and raspberries from the garden.