Sunday, May 20, 2012

We're inviting a small group of friends & family to the wedding. But we can still share this Save the Date, far and wide. We took this photo on our recent trip to Vermont. We affectionately refer to this as our Welcome Back Kotter / Ben and Jerry's font. Full of woodsy happiness!


Though I'm not sure I've mentioned it here before, by day I'm a volunteer coordinator. This past month, I celebrated National Volunteer Week by organizing a series of behind-the-scenes talks and tours for our volunteers. These secret tours are so much fun! After all, we're not ducking into conference rooms, but rather, conservation studios and wood shops!  This year we even got stuck in the freight elevator together (it made for a fun afternoon).

I love spending a little extra time with our volunteers, but more than anything, I love the opportunity to shed light on my talented colleagues, and the amazing work they do. It's also a chance for me to introduce a little creativity into my job. Though I have an artist's heart, most of my day is spent word-processing in a grey cubicle ... did I mention it's in the basement? Oh, the splendour! Never mind. Each year, I hand illustrate thank you cards for our speakers. And because our photocopier is old, old, old (and chews up card stock) I make them all individually. And as we don't have a colour printer, I hand paint each one, too.