Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what I'm reading

I'm daydreaming big these days (and laying low, craft-wise). The best news ever: I'm moving in with my sweetheart! June 1. And, as I know my fellow crafters will sympathize, my secret fabric, button and notion stashes really do have to be addressed. So I'm packing up the projects for a while; spending my time filling boxes ... in lieu of stuffing mushrooms! I'm reading, too. Inspired by blogland, and the Beehive Craft Collective's recent post on vegetable dyeing, I'm diving deep into research mode. Imagine vegetable-dyed mushrooms! I love the idea of mimicing nature, and experimenting with true-to-life hues and subjects.

P.S. The move into Guy's house means I'll get a wee room of my very own - my first studio (that isn't my living room table). I am beside myself with happiness. I think I'll be so much more productive when I'm not trying to balance my workspace with dinner plates :)


  1. a) congrats.

    b) i know this craft hoard tension all too well.

  2. BIG congrats to you and guy. What an exciting move!

  3. Wonderful news! So happy for you.