Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A few months ago, a friend at work told me if I made mushrooms she could "hang", she'd buy some - she had run out of shelf space at home. Like all apartment dwellers (yours truly, included) it's wall space that need filling, not mantels (sigh - still waiting for my fireplace). ANYWAY, I stumbled upon some fun 1970s wooden plaques at the reuse center - 25 cents a piece, and started playing. Here's my first result:

(Big thanks to my best-ever Dad, who got out the belt-sander and drill to help me with this project).

There's one detail that doesn't feel quite right- can you guess? -yep, it's that moss. A teensy bit too decorative. What do you think? In my usual end of day, head on pillow juggling of ideas, I brainstormed some other options. So stay tuned, as the kids used to say, because I think I've got it! In the meantime, this little plaque is on its way to Winnipeg, for MAWA's (7th) annual Over the Top Art Auction and Cupcake Party.

Are there are any prairie pals reading this post? I miss you! (nevermind the cupcakes!)Here's to another successful fundraiser - I'm sending all my best thoughts. Much love, HP xo


  1. Hey, thanks Sue!
    you know, that moss is growing on me a bit. But I have lots of other ideas, too. All in experimentation phase. Can you imagine a whole wall of these? I can! In my bedroom! Next project ....