Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall updates

"Creating is a way to find personal achievement in something small and lovely."
- via Etsy, feature sellers Sundries and Plunder

I couldn't agree more! I'm busily working away on small wonders at present, all in the secrecy of my basement studio (i.e., the corner by the tv!)

Just as my day job ramps up (Fall is always a bit bonkers), crafting follows suit. And it's not just the turn of seasons that has me switching gears. My job is super-administrative, but an administrator, I am not! (just don't let my boss hear that). I need handwork to keep my mind active, and my heart full. At work, I've been spending lunch with my sketchbook, instead of my sandwich.

This weekend, I ran into my friend Kalpna at the Queen West Art Crawl. She had a new booth of birch trees, and it looked spectacular! I confessed that I didn't apply for City of Craft - the first time in three years that I'm not ramping up my production for a sale this holiday season. I felt a wee pang of regret. But then I remembered I had one of my *top secret* felt prototypes with me; I pulled it out of my purse, a bit rumply, but none the worse for wear. Kalpna loved it, and I was ever so glad! She put spring in my step on a cool, fall afternoon.

It can be hard to create in secret, but there is so much joy in working slowly, at one's own pace. For me, this is when new directions come.

Last night I dreamt of the woods in winter (that's a hint).

photo credit: loveliest woodland mask by Sundries and Plunder. p.s. if my sweetheart is reading this post, this would make the most excellent birthday present!

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