Tuesday, December 22, 2009

around the studio (aka my apartment)

Here are some shots I snapped mid-craft, slap dash in the middle of City of Craft preparations. (I'll admit, these are composed - but would you really want to see Martha's fluff and cotton scraps?) Good thing I ascribe to the better late than never motto.Can I blame the blurry shots on too many late nights, and too much coffee (jittery hands?) It seems no matter how much I plan, I'm still a late night crafter. A midnight stitcher. What can I say? That's when inspiration hits. (BTW: City of Craft was a huge success - I promise a proper recap).


  1. Absolutely beautiful Holly
    I love your woodland sets and wish I was in Canada to attend the fair.
    Would you mind if I did a post about you in my blog? we are great lovers of craft in Australia and I know my visitors would love to see your work.

  2. Helen, I would welcome a post! So sorry I didn't see your comment sooner. I'm soon to post pics. of all the craft fair magic (December 18 & 19) - it was such a wonderful weekend. More to come! (and happy to read your lovely blog - thanks for finding me)