Wednesday, June 1, 2011

moving on up

I'm back! This is my first post-move post. Try saying that, three times quickly! (That's almost as difficult as moving, I'd say.) Here are my beloved Cotton Monsters on moving day. My shamrocks, incidentally, are blooming like crazy in the new house. That's what a bright, south-facing, sun-filled kitchen will do for you!

Everyone says moving is stressful, and Boy, are they right! Martha Doodle can't seem to quite find her litter box, for starters. But eating breakfast on the back step with my sweetie today, I was reminded how nice it is to feel grounded, and how lucky I am to be invited to share a home – a front porch, a back step! And laundry without quarters. Making breakfast for two is much more fun (though we still quite haven't figured out our shopping lists. Always short of the essentials!)

The first room I have plans for is the craft nook (job #1, finish that concrete floor). It's a lovely light blue, (previous owners) and I'm thinking I'll sew up some red accessories for a Scandanavian space. Cophenhageny happiness. In the meantime, with my sewing machine and fabrics missing in action (aka buried in boxes), I'm drawing up a storm. More soon.