Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Design cues!
Brittany Watson Jepsen, via Etsy Blogs
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Craft and the New Economy - Best Parts

Still playing catch up, back in March I attended Craft and the New Economy, a symposium organized by the Ontario Crafts Council, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Sheridan College Crafts and Design Program, & the Haliburton School of the Arts. All heavy hitters!

My two favourite speakers: Marie O’Mahony (OCAD U, visiting professor) and Dr. Sandra Alfondy (Professor of Craft History at NSCAD University and Associate Curator of Fine Craft at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia) - my old stomping grounds!

Marie O’Mahony gave the keynote address, emphasizing the importance of good relations between craft and industry. She posited three questions: 1) Have craft and industry linked? (and if so, what is the nature of the link?); 2) Can craft rescue manufacturing from low-cost, mass-produced goods?, and, 3) Is technology becoming increasingly necessary to prevent the demise of craft. Taking a controversial line of argument, and sometimes contradicting herself, Marie had me hooked. This snippet from the Sundance feature Hearts and Crafts, profiling the artisans employed at Hermes, had me happily daydreaming.

Sandra Alfondy, a panelist, is a kindred spirit, pure and simple. Her talk paid tribute to crafters from a feminist perspective, and sent a clear message about the importance of valuing our work, so others would too. That’s the kind of discussion I hoped the conference would inspire, but it seemed a fringe point.

Overall, the symposium tried to position a new role for craft in the 21st century. This seemed more focused toward outsourcing and product-design, which left me a bit disappointed, and a bit sad. I can’t help but think that craft’s root in handmade, homesteading, self-sufficiency, and DIY is what will carry it forward.

Golly Forever!

Hello friends!

The world’s topsy-turvy at present. I have lots of good news to share! Best expressed with photo.

My sweetheart surprised me with an engagement ring, the night before my birthday, back in February. We snapped this photo just after the big moment. That’s us, underneath a viaduct at York Mills Station (a suburban area of Toronto). Not the most glamorous of locales, but surely the most romantic. It was just us, a couple of curious raccoons, and the graffiti. Urban romance! It was perfect. Check out that sparkle!

The next morning (my birthday), I awoke to diamond earrings to match.

I’m on top of the moon! The best part of being engaged is sharing the news. I just love hearing “it was only a matter of time, you two are adorable!” It makes me happy to think that love, quite literally, shines through.

We’re planning a summertime wedding in my parents’ beautiful backyard, followed by a reception at a fancy restaurant, with a lakeside view. As you can probably guess, I’m most excited about d├ęcor! We’re planning a paper theme, with lots of greenery; is that cryptic enough? I’ll share my progress as the day draws closer. Until then, it’s back to doodling ideas. – Holly xo